January 4th , 2018 Black Forge Coffehouse

Photos by Maryam Khatami

1/4/18 Mild Fever played an hour long set at Black Forge Coffehouse as an opening group for Sarah Khatami at her EP release show. This set included original songs, and some cover songs as well. The Covers included songs by Billie Martin, Villagers, Otis Redding, and Amy Winehouse. 

12/9/17 Mild Fever sat down to record and film the making of  a new song called "Next Time". This song is the first collaboration between the two and the first of many more. The recording process for this song took about 2 days of writing and recording, and 4 days of video editing. The short video of the making can be found on the Video pages along with other social media pages. 

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